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We hope that this web site provides helpful assistance to orthotists, physicians, therapists, medical insurances, patients and their support circle regarding questions in the field of orthotics. Due to the constant growth of information, our web site undergoes continual change. Unless otherwise noted, the complete contents of this internet site has been produced by ORTHO-SYSTEMS.

The functional classification from ORTHO-SYSTEMS is based on the orthotic designation from the lecture "Orthotic Management of Spina Bifida" given by A. Ferrari in Stersa, Italy in 1985 [-2-].Together with Theodor Michael from the SPZ-1 on Charite Campus Virchow-Klinikim in Berlin, the functional classification by lesion was expanded and refined from 1995 to the end of 1999 by Thomas Böckh.

In this place we would like to thank all at the SPZ-1 Berlin, in particular Dr. Theodor Michael, as well as Dr. Barbara Schrötder and her colleagues at the Kinderneurologischen Zentrum Mainz for the dedicated team work.

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